Following global trends, increased activity in Canadian podcasting shows promise at closing the consumption > monetization gap. Meanwhile, podcast listening continues to grow incrementally among an affluent, increasingly hard-to-reach on-demand audience.

Podcast listening continues to show incremental growth. Nearly 11 million Canadian adults (37% of the 18+ population) have listened to podcasts in the past year. More than 13 million (45%) have listened at some point.

Engagement with Podcasts

Uniquely engaging, podcasts draw much of their power from their ability to entertain, tell great stories and satisfy their listeners’ curiosity. Favourite hosts, typically followed on other media, also help to drive engagement.

This engagement in turn fuels the direct monetary support that helps to sustain many podcasts.

Hosts are a key source of engagement.

More than half of all podcast listeners (56%) say they have a favourite podcast host. Most follow them on multiple platforms.

Engaged podcast listeners connect ads with support for their favourite podcasts. Podcast ads motivate action and build awareness. Nearly 6-in-10 podcast listeners recall taking action as a result of podcast ads. Podcast ads also build brands. Fully 1-in-4 say they found out about a product or service they hadn’t heard of before on podcasts.

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